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Why We Love The Twilight Saga? : Confessions Of A "Twihard"

This article is written especially for the ones who are having trouble understanding the emotions and "craziness" of the Twilight Saga fans.
A love story between an irresistable, hunky, a self-sacrificer vampire and clumsy, normal-type-of a teenage girl. What's so appealing about it is the question I get from almost everybody. Yes, B, really tell me what's so appealling about it? Is it because the hottest heartthrob Robert Pattinson that embodied the perfect-guy Edward Cullen? Or maybe, it's because the phenomenon that captured every teenage girls' heart? Or maybe it's just the story itself or the style. No matter how many times I asked this question to myself I couldn't come up with a single answer. It's everything..
It was a cold winter in my hometown. I decided to see this movie that everyone was talking about. Okay I get the enthusiasm, a vampire, a girl , a love, maybe sex I don't know and of course young and handsome/beautiful actors. Well, why not seeing this movie?
The first 10 minutes. "Nice, better than I expected." The next 20 minutes , "maybe this thing has more depth, what was the leading males name again?" The next 50 minutes "Oh my god! No!" The movie ends. "Where's the nearest bookstore? Why the hell I didn't hear those books before??!!" While reading first book; "This is insane!" "No Way! That's so Kristen Stewart." The second book "Edward no!" *cries* The third book; "oh.my.god." When I opened the fourth book, I told myselfe to be patient and slow. Please. Because I didn't wanted to end. Then the final moments.
Thank you Stephenie Meyer! Thank you for all you have done for us!...

Then the frenzy begins... DVD's, special edition books, magazines, jewellery, clothes, underwears, bedsheets, parfumes , cosmetics...etc. Some may even scare you away. But no matter what others say, it's inevitable now! Congratulations, you have officially became a Twihard or a Twilighter or a Twiaddict or in some cases, Robsessed. You're now in a very dangerous zone because once you're in that zone, ther's no turning back. You saw the wonderfulness, breathtaking amazingness of this world. You've been embraced by dozens of talented fanfic writers, wallpaper makers, amazing manipulators, faithful bloggers and Twihard friends that share the same dream, same energy and same enthusiasm with you. You're in a place you never knew existed. You know you're not alone now and feel absolutely amazed because it's worth everything.
You're literally consumed by the beauty of the story. It's a dreamworld. It's what we are looking for today. It's our way of noticing the corruption of our society. We no longer have that innocence and beauty in our ordinary life. We no longer have pure, faithful, innocent love between two people. We no longer have that abstinence towards what we mostly desire and pursue. We forget the beauty of loving someone and to see the amazing in every day, because we are all so busy dealing with unnecessary burden of society. We became robots. Doing everything we have been asked for without asking single question, studying hard to get somewhere, meeting people that are greedy and hungry towards everything because their humanity were long gone by the society they live in. This story made me stop and think for a moment then realize the beauty of love. This story made me understand a pure love can still exist. Love is an obsession, a passion, a lust and you realize what we have in our society now is just a whimsey desire, a task we have to do or just the selfishness to please ourselves.
This what we saw in the books. This is the thing we share with thousands of people all around the world. It's our own way to escape from everything we don't want to have or we don't want to do.
So, this is how we feel. You don't have to feel the same way or you don't have to necessarily like the books or movies or anything related Twilight, or even you can hate everything about it. But it's important to see depths of something before you critisize.

Enjoy! :)

Written by Berke Alp

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